Daxocox® –
weekly OA pain relief

The first and only weekly oral NSAID, Daxocox® helps relieve OA pain

Owner compliance


Simple weekly dosing with a flavoured tablet

7x less risk of a missed dose, compared to daily dosing

Consistent plasma levels


Consistent Pain Control for 7 days

Daxocox® reaches minimum effective concentration within 24 hours after the 1st “loading dose” and stays at the required therapeutic level for 7 days until the next dose is due5,6

Flare Ups


Reliable analgesia

The combination of proven 7-day efficacy with easy weekly dosing of Daxocox® helps to minimise the clinical consequences of unavoidable OA flare-ups

Disease Progression


Licensed for all stages of OA

Can be given continuously, with no mandatory treatment breaks, making Daxocox® a suitable NSAID cornerstone of a responsive multi-modal management approach

Effective management of OA pain


Once weekly dosing with Daxocox® achieves significant improvement of clinical signs associated with OA pain7,8

  • Owners report that 90% of dogs with OA improve after treatment with Daxocox®6>
  • Owners also report that 84% of dogs improved their quality of life from “poor or fair” to “good, very good or excellent”7
  • According to veterinary assessment 74% of dogs showed significant improvement of clinical signs of osteoarthritis7

Clinical study design:

Multicentre, randomised, single blinded clinical field trials (x2) to assess the efficacy of Daxocox®

The study inclusion criteria included:

  • > 12 months
  • > 5kg body weight
  • Clinical signs of osteoarthritis for > 3 weeks
  • Confirmed radio graphic evidence of osteoarthritis
  • Minimum clinical sum scores (CSS)
  • Basal haematology and biochemistry within normal limits
  • Received no OA treatment or nutraceutical for an appropriate period of time prior to the study

Both veterinary and owner assessment of improvement was included:

  • The following clinical signs were assessed by vets separately, to generate a clinical sum score (CSS) at each examination:
    • Posture, stance and weight bearing
    • Lameness at walk
    • Lameness at trot
    • Pain on palpation and manipulation
  • Owners completed a subjective assessment, via a questionnaire with a series of set ‘ranking questions’, to generate comparable Canine Brief Pain inventory Scores and QoL analysis
    • Investigated perceived pain levels over varying time periods and during different daily activities

Daxocox® is well tolerated

Daxocox® has a broad margin of safety:

  • Clinical field trials noted that, as with all NSAIDs, adverse effects are mostly related to the gastrointestinal system and most cases recovered without treatment13
  • The target animal safety study demonstrates that administering up to 5x the recommended therapeutic dose did not show any relevant treatment related adverse effects8
  • Suitable for long-term use, with no evidence of drug over-accumulation and no need for therapeutic breaks13

Elevated blood urea and serum cholesterol levels were observed in some cases, at both the recommended dose and overdose.

In case of adverse reactions, the use of the veterinary medicinal product should be stopped and general supportive therapy, as for clinical overdose with NSAIDs, should be applied until complete resolution of the signs.

Daxocox product