How Daxocox®

Daxocox® provides consistent pain control for a whole
week without over-accumulation, due to its 7-day
phasic pharmacology

Watch how Daxocox® works


Allowing ONE dose of Daxocox® to sustain a consistent therapeutic blood level for ONE whole week

7-Day Phasic Pharmacology
  • Enflicoxib is absorbed and slowly metabolised into an active pyrazol metabolite, with long lasting COX-2 selective inhibitory action
  • Once formed, the active pyrazol metabolite binds to red blood cells and plasma proteins
  • Phases of slow formation and slow elimination of the active pyrazole metabolite create a balance which maintains the levels required in the blood for consistent pain management for 7 days
  • Pyrazol metabolite levels remain stable above the minimum effective concentration (MEC), providing consistent pain management while staying far below levels where toxicity may be observed (MTC)
  • Enflicoxib concentrations are reduced to basal levels before the next dose is due

This is what gives Daxocox® its unique extended efficacy – consistent pain relief that reduces the risk of breakthrough pain, with no risk of over accumulation after repeated weekly administration.

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