Daxocox® FAQs

Answers to some of the common questions relating to Daxocox®

How does Daxocox® work?

Daxocox® is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory it acts by selective inhibition of the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX-2) and therefore avoiding the production of PGE2, the main prostaglandin involved in inflammatory processes.

How often should Daxocox® be given?

Only once per week.

What is the minimum age and weight of dog that can be prescribed Daxocox®?

Daxocox® can be used in dogs of all ages. Careful monitoring is advised during the treatment of young dogs aged less than 6 months. The 15mg tablet can be used in dogs from 3kg of weight.

How long does Daxocox® take to become fully effective?

Onset of efficacy is achieved 24 hours after the initial loading dose of 8mg/kg.

Should Daxocox® be given with food?

Yes, Daxocox® should be given immediately before or with the dog’s meal.

What’s the recommended dose?

First dose: 8 mg enflicoxib per kg body weight. There after maintenance dose every 7 days at the dose of 4 mg enflicoxib per kg body weight.

Can it be used in cats?

No. Daxocox® is only indicated for dogs and should not be used in any other species.

Can we reduce below the licensed dose to find the lowest effective dose?

No. Daxocox® dose has been adjusted for optimum efficacy and safety and should be used according to the data sheet. Lower doses could result in lack of efficacy, especially in severe cases.

How long can you give it for, is it a longterm treatment?

There is no restriction on how long Daxocox® can be given in continuous therapy.

How do I switch a case onto Daxocox® from another NSAID?

Before administering any Daxocox® dose, ensure a treatment free period according to the pharmacokinetic characteristics of the other NSAID the dog is currently receiving. If the reason to switch is related to safety problems, add an additional recovery period before restarting NSAID treatment. Once that period has elapsed, use Daxocox® following the data sheet instructions.

What alternative pain relief can be given whilst Daxocox® is taking effect?

Daxocox® onset of action is within 24 hours after the first loading dose. As osteoarthritis is a chronic process, no additional analgesia should be needed.

Is there a cumulative increase in active ingredient levels that will mean a break in treatment will be necessary?

No. The balance between the slow formation and the slow elimination of the active metabolite of enflicoxib provides consistent blood levels for one week, with no over-accumulation after repeated administrations. Therefore there is no need for a treatment break. If Daxocox® medication is stopped voluntarily, the treatment should be restarted with the initial loading dose, as per label instructions.

How do the side effects compare to other NSAIDs? What are the common side effects?

In clinical trials, the incidence and type of adverse effects after the use of Daxocox® are similar to those previously described for other COX-2 selective NSAIDs. Studies in healthy beagle dogs have shown a wide safety margin when overdosed for long treatment periods.

What happens if an owner overdoses and gives daily?

In case of overdose, no further doses should be given and the dog must be closely monitored (including blood analysis). Daxocox® has a broad safety margin and, if no adverse events are detected, treatment can be resumed after a treatment free period of 2 weeks.

Can I give Daxocox® to an allergic dog? (animal proteins)

Daxocox® does not contain animal proteins in its formulation. However, it cannot be administered to dogs with known hypersensitivity to the active substance, any of the excipients or sulphonamides.

Can tablets be split?

No. The data sheet / SPCs instructs that tablets should not be split and no trial evidence exists to show that split tablets work or are safe to use.

How many sizes of Daxocox® are there?

At launch there are 5 sizes: 15mg, 30mg, 45mg, 70mg, and 100mg.

How many tablets are in a pack?

Each size tablet comes in a 4 tablet pack.

What is the shelf life?

30 months at launch.

Is there an injectable?

No. Daxocox® is intended for oral use in dogs only and there is no injectable or liquid formulations available at this time.